Your YEAR ROUND home away from home

casa DeeDee

​Bedroom #3

Better known as "The Duck Room".  This room is perfect for any age.   The warm tones of this room make it peaceful and inviting. Located on the lower level.

The twin beds are comfortable for toddlers and adults alike.  Each mattress is of a different firmness. 

The crib is complete with linens, bed skirt, bumper, comforter, pillows, mobile, (lamp is in closet).  Changing table is complete with liner, pad, cover, clean diaper storage bag, toy bag and additional liners.

If it is the kids room, they will enjoy "going to their room" with a foosball table to play with while they ponder.

This room is large enough to add a blow-up mattress.  Linens, pillows and blankets available.